The city of Zlín

The first written mentioning about Zlín, goes back to 1322, when it was acquired by the Queen Elisabeth Rejčka, widow of King Wenceslaus II. Zlín in those days was feudal holdings which included several surrounding villages. The city, which was subsequently acquired by the Lords of Sternberg, had survived the wars, rampant during the 15th century without any serious consequences. Zlín remained a insignificant provincial backwater up until the end of the 19 th century. A new and far more significant era was to come at the beginning of 1894, when certain Tomáš Baťa had incorporated his shoemaking establishment here. It´s powers and fame grew apace. In the 1920s and the 1930, the company was the foundation of the city, which had for all intents and purposes, survived to this very day. The shoemaking factory, built in Zlín by the Baťa brothers became the principal mover and shaker behind the growth of the entire city. The company built supermarkets, movie houses, hospitals, schools, scientific institutions, film ateliers and innumerable new apartment buildings. The population grew quicklyfrom that point on.

In the hands of the famous Czech architects (such as J. Kotěra, F. L. Gahura, V. Karfík, M. Lorenc to name a few) Zlín has attained a rare Art Deco face which cannot be seen anywhere else in Europe. The characteristic element of all dominant structures in the city are red brick fronts, steel and concrete skeletons, flat roofs and steelframe windows. The city has sprouted colonies ofthe so-called Baťa's single family, two family and quarter house for housing the company's employees. In this manner all suburbs were built - Zálešná, Podvesná, Letná, the Lesní subdivision or Díly. The majority of the objects are today part of the city heritage zone.

It is not only thanks to its geographical location that today's eighty thousand souls Zlín are considered as the natural metropolis of south-eastern Moravia. It had become the centre of the newly created Zlín District. The city has been selected as the principal seat of number of administrative bodies and cultural and social institutions. Zlín is the centre of important congresses, principally in the area of medicine. An irreplaceable spot is held by the Zoological gardens and the chateau Zlín-Lešná. Of all the interesting events taking place in Zlín, we can mention, for an example automobile race called "Barum Rally" which is attended and watched by hundreds if not thousands of fans. A permanent home in Zlín was also found by the International Film Festival for Children and Youth, the Festival of Brass Bands, the Unknown Land - festival about travel and learning about other cultures. The "Talentinum" festival is an international competition of young concert artists. There is also the "Zlín talent" competition and many others.

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