Advice for business

Advice for business


The Point of Single Contact (PSC) at the Trades Licensing Office of the Municipal Authorities of the town of Zlin was established based on Freedom of services Act by which has been the Directive of the European Parliament (EP) and Consulting of services on the domestic market implemented to the Judicial code of the Czech Republic as a part of European network of the PSCs ».

The main purpose of PSC is to simplify the process of starting a business for new entrepreneurs, eventually reducing impediments to trading for existing entrepreneurs who are interested in expanding their business activities not only within the Czech Republic but also to the European Union Member States, European Economic Area (EEA) or the Swiss Confederation. In addition, the PSC offers a whole range of other services and not just for the entrepreneurs.

Within the meaning of the Czech Legislation the Point of Single Contact has two main functions: informative and intermediary.

The informative services provided by PSCs :

  • information necessary to obtain the authorization, in particular requirements of the application
  • and contact details of the respective administrative authorities,
  • general information about provision of services in the other EU member states,
  • general information about legal remedies and solution to disputes across the EU,
  • general information about consumer protection in other member states,
  • contact details of persons for providing assistance to and helping service providers and recipients in case of problems with authorities in the home country as well as in other EU member states.

The intermediary services of PSCs :

assure transfer of the request for authorization to run a business (brought in under another legislation) to the competent administrative authority which is empowered to decide about this application,

receive and transmit notifications and reports to the competent administrative authorities taken under other legislation from persons doing business under the authority pursuant to other legislation, namely:

  • applications for registration or notification under another legislation,
  • notifications and reporting of social security from individuals to the range determined by other legislation,
  • notification about job opportunities availability or filling up these positions,
  • notification and reporting of individuals in face of health insurance companies in the range determined by other legislation.


PSCs provide consulting and intermediary services FREE OF CHARGE. PSCs DO NOT PROVIDE a legal advice and CANNOT SOLVE a specific matters and disputes which would go beyond the Freedom of Services Act.

Even though the PSC employees are trying to provide information at the soonest, considering of breadth information they have to provide, it is not always possible. There is not guarantee for an immediate answer while one waits especially in case information from abroad is needed.

Besides the Point of Single Contact which is located at the Trades Licensing Office of the Municipal Authorities of the town of Zlin, there are other 14 locations of the Municipal Trades Licensing Offices as a part of the European network of the Points of Single Contact, operating at a registered place of regions within the Czech Republic that provide a PSC services. One location with electronic Point of Single Contact.

Contact us at PSC in Zlin :

Municipal Authorities of the town of Zlin
Trades Licensing Office

Address: Zarámí 4421, Zlín

Phone: +420 577 630 914
Fax : +420 577 630 921
E-mail : jkm@zlin.eu

or you can also submit a request for information directly via the web application form (see below), which is available in Czech or English language :

Office hours:

Monday and Wednesday 8am – 5pm
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8am – 2pm (by appointment only)

List of Points of Single Contact in the Czech Republic:

  • Brno municipality — Trade License Office
  • České Budějovice municipality — Trade Licensing Office
  • Černošice municipality — Trade License Office
  • Hradec Králové municipality — Trade License Office
  • Jihlava municipality — Trade License Office
  • Karlovy Vary municipality — Trade License Office
  • Liberec municipality — Trade License Office
  • Olomouc municipality — Trade License Office
  • Ostrava municipality — Trade License Office
  • Pardubice municipality — Trade License Office
  • Plzeň municipality — Trade License Office
  • Ústí nad Labem municipality — Trade License Office
  • Zlin municipality  - Trades Licensing Office
  • Praha 1 — Trade License Office
  • Praha 7 — Trade License Office

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